Thursday, September 30, 2010

From flat to fat

Heres my body: head, neck, flat chest, fat stomach, down there.., big thighs, knees, big calves, and then my huge wide feet. My body sucks. What people don't get is that, i understand I'm flat. I don't care, i make fun of myself with my friends. And other people joke around with me. Everyone thinks its the end of world if they had my chest. But you don't see me dying do you? Sure i want to have something, but I just think to myself its gonna come some day. And then i laugh it off. :) But then you go further down my horrible figure, you will see my fat stomach. So I swim, i swim everyday sometimes twice a day. Its making some impact but not enough. I deal with it, I hate it when people call me fat. Thats the one thing i can't take. When my skinny friends call themselves fat, that also makes me uncomfortable. I am constantly trying to hide my stomach but it doesn't work because I always forget, but if nothing works I'm going to do 8 minute  abbs. :) hehe I'll try it out and tell you guys how it works out ;)

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