Tuesday, November 2, 2010


"Wowza's I just made a mess in my trousers"-Eminem

I cannot believe how fast this all went. I always do this. I meet someone, think I like them, but then realize within a day, wait. I don't even know them.. They don't go to my school, for all I know they could be some sick pervert that everyone hates. Or maybe even a cocky bitch.. Have I been done that road already? YES. I want to believe Hey, maybe this time it will be different. Maybe HE is different, maybe he is more mature.. And think about it, no one could ever know... 

But then I face reality. He could be a whore. He could cheat. He could try and get in my pants. I face the endless possibilities and fight with myself. But maybe he's cute! Or maybe he's an ass. But he could be so nice, it could so nice. Or it could be a disaster. Oh the possibilities.. Maybe by facebook stalking him, he looks cool. But this is the 8th guy I've done this with? It needs to stop. Or it could be wonderland<3

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