Thursday, November 4, 2010

Roll it up

Take a bit; lil' bit; roll it up; take a hit; feelin' lit; feelin light; 2am summer night<3

Kid cudi again.


It's kind of sad, how much of a stoner he is. But I still love him. Speaking of Kid Cudi, I was talking to a guy, not saying any names, and we were talking about music and Kid Cudi and he was saying about how much of a stoner he is and he will probably die of drugs, and I said when that day comes, I will cry myself to sleep and kill myself so I can be with him (as in Kid Cudi) and the boy said that he hoped that day wouldn't come<3

I.almost.pee'd.myself. (as Ella would say).

But thats all. No more happy love stories. It probably won't work out, my heart is torn between 3 guys I am too embarressed to even tell my best friend. The 4th one is creeping in... Hopefully 3 will then run out... If I'm lucky. (which I won't.)

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